Welcome to Recreate Fitness

From the minute you step foot in our gym, you’ll notice something different about us. We’ve traded in mirrors and machines for hopscotch and hurdles. At Recreate Fitness people run, jump, swing kettlebells & climb ropes in a friendly, supportive environment.  Visit our gym during our business hours, or sign up for a class.

Recent Updates from our Blog

Where there’s smoke

It was tough being outside this weekend with the air quality being so poor so we kept ourselves inside for the most part.  We introduced a new carry this weekend, the Andy Legard.  We’ve got a variation on the Big 55 today for the workout so hope to see you tonight!

Schedule change for the summer

SchueDue to attendance we will be combining the Saturday classes and having one class at 9:00 am only.  Get a little extra sleep or get started on your day a little earlier.  New schedule effective this Saturday, August 15th.    

Enjoying the break in the weather

It’s finally cooled off a bit here and we’re taking advantage by spending some time outdoors.  Today is no exception so there’s still time to get a workout in!

Training for a purpose

Staying active is an important component of maintaining our health and fitness for as long as possible.  Keeping motivated and consistent can be a struggle for even the most dedicated individual.  Training with a goal in mind can make the process so much more enjoyable and easier to maintain. Developing skills in the gym that you […]


Congratulations to Beth on receiving her yellow belt in Jiu-jitsu this weekend.  She’s been putting in lots of training time and has made a lot of progress in a short amount of time!

Fourth of July schedule

  There will be one class on Friday and one on Saturday at 9:00 am.  We’ll be inside staying out of the heat so start your holiday weekend off with a workout!

Test yourself

We had our first partner test day yesterday and everyone did a great job pushing themselves.  We tested a max 250 meter row time, farmers carry for distance, sandbell throws for distance, max pull-ups and max broad jumps.  Don’t worry if you missed it, we will be retesting before the end of summer to gauge progress […]

Staying cool

If you are asking yourself if you should get a work out in today, the answer is yes!  We are going to keep the doors shut and the A/C on high so come to class, you won’t regret it!