Welcome to Recreate Fitness

From the minute you step foot in our gym, you’ll notice something different about us. We’ve traded in mirrors and machines for hopscotch and hurdles. At Recreate Fitness people run, jump, swing kettlebells & climb ropes in a friendly, supportive environment.  Visit our gym during our business hours, or sign up for a class.

Recent Updates from our Blog

New movements

We are trying to add some more mobility into the workouts these days so keep your eyes open for some new exercises cropping up in skill!

Memorial Weekend schedule

Due to Memorial Day holiday we will only have 8:30 am class this Saturday the 23rd and 9:00 am only on Monday the 25th.  Be sure to check Mindbody for the most current class schedule.  Have a great holiday and we hope to see you for a workout!

Mixing it up

We’ve been playing around with a new workout on Saturdays and we are liking it.  Four minutes at a station trying to get as many reps with a partner as possible.  Rope hauls, partner relay runs and sled pushes were in order this Saturday!  Don’t worry if you missed it, we’ll be doing it again […]

Almost there!

It’s great to see Adrienne still so active and healthy this far into her pregnancy.  We’ve found that the longer our clients can work out while pregnant, the faster and easier it is to get back into a fitness routine after childbirth!

Good luck Megan

Today’s a sad day for us.  Megan is leaving us to pursue all things Disney.  She’s been with us for such a long time and she is such an inspiration to us all.  She transformed her health, her body and and it was a privilege to have her in the gym.  Take care Megan, we’ll […]

March madness has a winner

Thanks to everyone that participated in our March Madness bracket.  With the elimination of Kentucky that only left a two possible winners.  Congratulations to Loren for going with Duke!  She will be getting a free month of classes!  

Pulling your own weight (and then some)

We mixed skill up a little bit on Saturday and did four minute rounds of rope hauls, partner relay runs and sled pushes.  As long as the weather cooperates we will be spending time outside enjoying this beautiful early spring weather!

Life outside the gym

Daisy sent us this picture of her lifting a 43 pound fish at work.  It’s great to see how the work we do in the gym can translate to our everyday lives.  Have you noticed something that used to be a struggle that is easier now?  We’d love to hear from you all!